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Does this sound familiar?

You’re a professional striving to establish a new, successful life abroad. But you’re having trouble making the adjustment. You feel pressured from work to perform perfectly, you face cultural barriers and you don’t want to let your boss and company down. At the same time you want to provide the best for your partner or family.

You’re not alone. Expats face unique challenges when making the transition abroad.

My expat coaching service can help you make the most of this life-changing move.

My coaching services provide a mix of exclusive 1:1 sessions with me and access to powerful tools and proven exercises to succeed quickly.

Together, we’ll start to take a deep dive into the challenges you’re facing and we will identify the key areas which are holding you back to succeed.

You will learn about your new working culture, master performance pressure and get access to useful resources and tips about working abroad, partner support and building up your network. After working with me you will feel more confident in your role and have a clear strategy with an actionable game plan to make your assignment a success on a professional and private level.


I work with most of my clients virtually to improve convenience, accessibility, and affordability. No matter where you are, I’m available to help.

How do I work?

Mareike Lott - Sea Salt Coaching

My services

Looking to make your assignment a success but not sure how?

This edit will provide you with insights about your new working culture, teach you how to reduce performance pressure and give you useful tips for working abroad and partner support.

Master your assignment

Looking to discuss one specific challenge in your life and need tools to overcome it?

This offer will help you to structure your thoughts, be more confident and develop a short term action plan. 

The Quick

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