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Mareike Lott -  About me

I am Mareike

Hey you,

Originally from Germany I have spent the last few years working for different companies worldwide. From France to China I had to master different cultural transitions and experienced first-hand some of the challenges that expats face on a daily basis.

What I saw was, that companies often underestimate what expatriation means and which value expats add, thus not every talent is getting the necessary support to succeed in their assignment. With this in mind and after overcoming the obstacles of performing and living abroad, I was determined to help those in a similar position. I decided to start training as a life and career coach with Animas Centre of Coaching in London and Berlin and launched Sea Salt Coaching.


Today I support expats in mastering their assignment to build a successful career and life abroad! Learn more about me as an expat coach.

I believe that...

Corfu2021-90IDMfotografie (1).jpg

I believe that...

1. Expatriation doesn’t have to be overwhelming and exhausting

2. No expat should lack the necessary support to master their assignment

3. You don’t need to cope with everything alone and at the same time


My services

Master your assignment

The Quick



Looking to make your assignment a success but not sure how?

This edit will provide you with insights about your new working culture, teach you how to reduce performance pressure and give you useful tips for working abroad and partner support.

Looking to discuss one specific challenge in your life and need tools to overcome it?


This offer will help you to structure your thoughts, be more confident and develop a short term action plan. 


Why Sea Salt Coaching?

Sea salt naturally makes me think of the beach. And if I’m at the beach, then it means I am away from home, just like an expat.


For me, the beach is my happy place, where I am fully present and always feel good. I can think freely, my mind is wide open.

In fact, I’ve made some of my biggest decisions at the beach.


This is what Sea Salt Coaching can be for you. A space to think, reflect, explore, share, be yourself, discuss and in the end leaving in a much happier place than you were before.

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